Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple Processes with Embedded firebird....
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Aaron Abend wrote:

>[I am afraid I know the answer to this:]
>Is it possible to have two programs on one computer accessing the same fdb
>file at the same time? Seems to work fine with Superserver. I seem to recall
>seeing that there were limitations in this regard on Embedded but cannot
>find a definitive reference.
>I am getting IO errors when the second app tries to connect to the database.
>Is there any way to do it? I am using the .NET provider with fb1.5.
I am sure that what you think is true :-)

Embedded is for just one connection. I.E. the engine lock the file in
exclusive access, no other connection could be made from other apps.

If you need to concurrent apps accessing the same DB then go for

see you !


Alexandre Benson Smith
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