Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: SYSDBA
Author Si Carter
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> So what is the point of having the SYSDBA user if you can't
> really do anything with it?

FB Administration?

> I've used oracle previously, and when creating a DB you use
> the ORACLE user and create, db, tables, etc.. If you then
> assign dba privileges to another user, the other user can
> then create tables, add columns, etc..

You can't assign dba privelages to a user per se, however you can assign
privelages to each object (Select/insert/update/execute etc) for a specific
user/role. BUT only the db owner can do this (unless the rights to assign a
privelage has been granted to another user/role).

If you can guarantee you will always have SYSDBA access then use SYSDBA.
Personally I think this unlikely especially with the growing popularity of
FB, you will, before long come along a customer who won't give you SYSDBA
access or a service provider that won't allow you to park your DB on their
servers with SYSDBA access.

> Is this a bug? If so, then I agree there should be a FAQ on
> this subject.

I don't think so.

> So if I have to recreate all my tables under
> this other DBA equivalent user, how do I export the data from
> the old db and import it into the new?

Take a look at should help you
extract/re-import your data. I'm pretty sure you can also backup/restore to
change the owner of the database.