Subject Re: SYSDBA
Author davidallan99
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> > Is the original table created with SYSDBA? If so, you're out
> > of luck...

> The first rule of firebird club: you don't develop using sysdba
> The second rule of firebird club: YOU DON'T DEVELOP USING SYSDBA
> :-)
> I've seen this happen on many occasions, there should be an FAQ
> developing/creating database under SYSDBA account
So what is the point of having the SYSDBA user if you can't really do
anything with it?

I've used oracle previously, and when creating a DB you use the ORACLE
user and create, db, tables, etc.. If you then assign dba privileges
to another user, the other user can then create tables, add columns,

Is this a bug? If so, then I agree there should be a FAQ on this
subject. So if I have to recreate all my tables under this other DBA
equivalent user, how do I export the data from the old db and import
it into the new?