Subject Performance Problem with BOLBs??
Author ggroper

Ai I mention above I'm trying to determine a performance problem with
a simple quety returning data from a single table. The problem appears
to be related to Blob fields.

My query returns 35 records out of 66,000 based on a simple select *
from table where field 1 = 13, field 1 being indexed , or a query with
the fields specified with out the Blob field.

My times to poulate a grid in a D7 program are as follows:
Local Database - No Memos=0.24 seconds
With Memos=0.47 seconds

Remote Database - No Memos=1.54 seconds
With Memos=31.75 seconds

Why is there a 30 second performace penality when going to a remote

I thought the database may be corrupted, so I did a local back up and
restore and sent the new database to the remote host this morning and
get the same results. The total amount of data in the 35 memo fields
is very small and all plain text.

Is this performance with Blob fields normal for Firebird or could
there be some Firebird config problem. The host claims to be using FB
1.52 and so am I. If they are using an earlier version could this
cause a problem.

Any ideas,