Subject Creating custom Firebird 1.5 installer
Author pglistso2pl
Hi all,

I'm going to create my own Windows installer for Firebird 1.5,
designed for my application. I want it to be independent from all
another Firebird databases (instances), installed on any target

So I created my own firebird.conf file, with "DatabaseAccess"
and "RemoteServicePort" set to my own values. And here is a
problem... My installer can copy all Firebird files and register
Firebird as a system service (Win 2000/XP) - running "fbserver.exe -
s". And here is the problem.... Firebird tried to read the path to
the "firebird.conf" configuration file from the registry key:
"LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Firebird Project\Firebird
Server\Instances\DefaultInstance". Everything is ok when that key
doesn't exists. But when someone will install another Firebird server
instance (for example using the standard installation engine), that
key will be created, and my installation will stop working (because
my Firebird will look for new "firebird.conf" file, instead of my own

Does "fbserver.exe" have any command line parameter, which could
specify the path to "firebird.conf" file?