Subject Memo Field Performance with Remote Connection
Author ggroper

I have been on the Delphi newsgroupd trying to solve a performace
problem with Delphi and Firebird. Both remote and local database sites
are using Firebird 1.52.

I seemed to have isolated the problem to Blob fields of text type.

On a local development machine I am populating a Grid with a result
set of about 35 records in about 1.5 seconds. On a remote connection
it takes aboout 32 seconds when using the Delphi dbExpress /
ClientDataSets. On a lap top connected to my local server I get about
the same times. (I have tried both Borland's and Upsecene's drivers
with the same results)

Of the 35 memo fields returned, 1 has 800 characters, 2 have around
110 characters, 5 around 80 characters, and the rest are less than 30
characters. Not that much data.

On a local connection all data, including memo fields, are returned in
less than 2 sec maybe 1.5 sec.

With out a memo field all records are returned in about 2 secs from
the remote connection.

Can this performance difference be explained by retreving the memo
fields from a remote server? 32 seconds????

Could there be some Firebird config parameter I'm missing that needs
to be set at the remote site???

Thanks for any help,