Subject RE: [firebird-support] Argument against TTable like components with Firebird
Author Simon Carter
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> I have taken on another programmer (Delphi) on a consultancy
> basis. On a small project he did for us, I was looking
> through the sources and noticed that he had used an IBX
> IBTable component to access a table that held employee
> timeclock records and filtered the records locally using the
> OnFilter event. As you can imagine, this table can hold
> quite a lot of records.

You seem to have hit the nail on the head, less network traffic = increased
speed, also you would typically have a much more powerful server for
processing the requests so you should see increased speed over local

Where circumstances permit I would also use TIBSQL component as it has a lot
less overhead than TIBQuery.

> how I see numerous developers on the Firebird lists porting
> Desktop DB based apps over to Firebird and having problems
> using the same paradigm as before, etc, etc

I have converted several Paradox based systems over to Firebird/Interbase,
depending on the need to get the product out (if paradox is corrupting etc)
then converting to TIBTable in phase one allowed us to increase stability
quickly to satisfy customers, phase two involved rewriting huge chunks of
the code to *properly* use Firebird. If you have the luxury of time then a
rewrite would probably be beneficial.


Si Carter