Subject Re: Argument against TTable like components with Firebird
Author thomas_kellerer
Why not simply show him the difference in performance and memory by
querying a table with say 1 Million records? (probably 100,000 will
already be enough)


--- In, "Lee Jenkins" <lee@d...> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have taken on another programmer (Delphi) on a consultancy basis.
On a
> small project he did for us, I was looking through the sources and
> that he had used an IBX IBTable component to access a table that held
> employee timeclock records and filtered the records locally using the
> OnFilter event. As you can imagine, this table can hold quite a lot of
> records.
> Anyway, I asked that he use a Query (IBO, FIB, even IBXQuery) type
> to access our Firebird database. He asked why and I tried to
explain to him
> how query components are better since they pull only a subset of the
> over the wire, how I see numerous developers on the Firebird lists
> Desktop DB based apps over to Firebird and having problems using the
> paradigm as before, etc, etc but he didn't seem very convinced. He is a
> professional and he will do what we ask him to do, but I think its
> to give him the information that he needs to make this change in
mind set on
> his own.
> I have about 8 years programming experience writing POS and related
apps, he
> has about 20 years experience developing all kinds of software,
> critical financial accounting software with built-in compilers, etc.
> Maybe someone on the list with more experience could provide a better
> explanation than I can?
> Thank you,
> Lee