Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Performance when deleting a lot of records, again
Author Alan McDonald
> my server is written in java and I'm using jbird
> Thanks
> -gili

I have a feeling that autocommit with jbird is OK. It always does a hard
commit. But I'd recommend you go over to the jbird list to confirm this

> > I probalbly have a transaction that remained open.
> > I'm having trubble finding it though.
> > Do you have any ideas how to approach this problem ?
> > I found all the places at the code that calls setAutoCommit and it
> > looks fine. I also worked with a db after backup/restoring and it is
> > not reproduced(next transaction= 1+snapshot transaction).
> > So its a specific transaction that I need to trace.
> > Any suggestions ?
> autocommit is often referred to as commit retaining. Not sure
> what component
> set you are using but autocommit doesn't smell right to me.
> Are you using java? or some other language?
> what component set are you using?
> Alan