Subject RES: [firebird-support] Record Visibility
Author Carlos Arguilar
Grateful, Ivan!
I have something else to ask: Is it possible we capture in a variable the
password of current user? How can we do it?
Carlos Arguilar
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> I have a table in a database which I insert a record containing among
> a money value. It's Ok! The problem is the following one: When I insert
> record in this table, a trigger append a record in other table too.
> Nevertheless, when I do a 'select sum' statement on the table which the
> trigger has inserted record, then the value (money value) itsn't summed
> to I undoing the connection with database and newly reconnect, although
> new record is display, including its value, in a common select
> The trouble is the sum.
> After Reconnect, like I've told above, it working perfectly.
> Remembering, all of trasactions it is committed.

After you modify any data in the database,
only transaction that made these modifications can see them.
(including indirect modifications through triggers)

After you commit you transaction,
all Read Commited transactions can see new values.

If you want other Snapshot (a.k.a. Repeatable Read)
transactions to see changes, you must
first commit the changes,
then start the snapshot transaction


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