Subject Record Visibility
Author Carlos Arguilar
Hi All!

I have a table in a database which I insert a record containing among others
a money value. It's Ok! The problem is the following one: When I insert a
record in this table, a trigger append a record in other table too.
Nevertheless, when I do a 'select sum' statement on the table which the
trigger has inserted record, then the value (money value) itsn't summed up
to I undoing the connection with database and newly reconnect, although the
new record is display, including its value, in a common select statement.
The trouble is the sum.

After Reconnect, like I've told above, it working perfectly.

Remembering, all of trasactions it is committed.

I use Delphi App and MDO Component (Mercury Database Objects)to Access

How to resolve this?

Can anyone help me?

Best Regards,

Carlos Arguilar