Subject Re: Performance when deleting a lot of records, again
Author Christian Kaufmann
Hello Ann,

> As has already been said, having a database grow from 5Mb to 320Mb
> and shrink back after a backup/restore is an indication that

That was not me with this problem.

But your explanations about transactions help me, where I have to
search for my problem.

> start, be sure that all concurrent transactions have stopped
> - yes that's hard - count the table, then reactivate the indexes.
I think, here maybe my problem, that not all transactions are closed.
I'm working with Delphi/dbExpress. So I think, I have to look at
TSqlMonitor for logging my transfers.

> Dropping the table would be even more effective, though it would
I have a working and an online version of my database. So I could do
that. However, I rebuild 500'000 of 2'500'000 records only.

cu Christian