Subject Re: Crystal Reports - cross database queries
Author paulwesson

I have done this using Pervasive SQL and I can tell you that Crystal
sucks when trying to pull data from two separate DB's. My suggestion
to you is if your app already is connected to both db's then write
some code to export the data you need for the report into a temporary
table in one of the db's or into something like a CSV file.

In my particular case I use Delphi and wrote code to create a CSV file
with the data I want then I just used Crystal to format it for me.

Hope this helps.


--- In, "rickd2416" <rdebay@n...> wrote:
> We're creating some new reports, and need to pull some data from
> another database. Is there an efficient way to do this? The wire
> traffic should actually be less as we're just getting product names to
> match to IDs, but it seems that Crystal is doing a lookup for the name
> in database 2, for every row returned from database 1. I would think
> it would create a set of IDs, and then do a query to get the matching
> names.
> Thanks, Rick DeBay