Subject Re: Internal gds software consistency check (cannot start thread)
Author fabianchocron
> Memory usage is the least likely. Terminal server is a possible
> source: are you connecting to the IP (or host) address of the host
> machine, even if connecting locally?

I am connecting to the Host name when using IBConsole, however when
running other apps I am using the IP address, Is there any problem
related with this?

> The main source of the problem is likely to be IBConsole itself.
It was
> written for InterBase. Firebird 1.5.x is really different from IB
in a lot
> of ways. The immediate problem is likely to be use of the wrong
> library. If you have an old IB version of gds32.dll in IBConsole's
> application path, or in the system32 directory, then connection
> are likely. Add to that IBConsole's own ambiguous hard-coded SQL
> querying the system tables and, overall, you have several likely
sources of
> inconsistency.
> Check carefully which client IBConsole is loading. It *must* be
> version of fbclient.dll that is generated by the instclient.exe
utility (as
> gds32.dll) and it must be in whatever location your version of
> wants to load the client from. (If you are using Fb 1.5.x Classic,
> judging by your error message, you are not, then IBConsole won't
work with
> it without a careful recompile).
> Best advice is to abandon IBConsole and pick up a Firebird 1.5-
aware admin
> program like IBExpert Personal, Firebird Workbench or IB_SQL. Do
> reality checks using isql (with the appropriate host connection
string to
> deal with Terminal Server situation) to satisfy yourself that your
> databases are not corrupt.
> ./hb

Will do, thanks!