Subject Restoring backup database ( gbak -r some.fbk live.fb ) gives validation error for certain coloum
Author Mohd. Jeffry
Dear all,

Does anybody ever encounter below errors when you do "gbak -r
some-backup.fbk the-real.fb" ? I don't have any clue what causes
this. This is new to me.

gbak: restoring data for table T_FIN_ITEM_CATEGORY_INVENTORY
gbak: 7 records restored
gbak: restoring index PK_T_FIN_ITEM_CATE_SVC_SALE
gbak: restoring data for table T_FIN_ITEM_CATE_SVC_SALES
gbak: ERROR: validation error for column TRANSTYPEID, value "*** null ***"
gbak: ERROR: warning -- record could not be restored
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
[root@iedb april04]#