Subject Client gets "I/O error for file {non-shared dir on server}\any.fdb"
Author delphigurusam
I have successfully run IB6.0.1 locally at home for over a year and
now I am trying to get FB 1.5.2 running on a peer-to-peer network at
work. My FB server machine (also my dev mach) is running XP Pro and
the client is running XP Home Ed. My FB database resides within the
non-shared dir "C:\Program Files\AT6TestData". My client app will
only run and connect to the database successfully, if I connect to the
database from the server first. (I have a little app that only
establishes the req'd connection, which I minimize.) This isn't SO
awful, except I can't run the app, unless I'm logged onto the server.
When I log off, Windows closes all network connections. What's weird
is that the client PC can still ping the server when I'm logged off
the server, but it gets an "access denied" error when attempting to
connect to the database. Thx much in advance for your help.