Subject Connection refused
Author Legéndi Richárd
Hi everybody!

I'm new on the list, but it has taken 3 full days to find
this place where I could find information about my problem.
I've read the archive 'til 2002, I've found a lot of
similiar problems, but no solution worked for me ...
PLEASE, if anyone can, help me, because I'm bursting with
rage from this!

I'm getting the following exception while trying to run

Message: [interclient] Communication error: An IO exception
occurred while trying to establish a connection protocol to
server localhost.
The message of the IOException is "Connection reset".
See API reference for exception

I'm using Win2k(without any servicepack), I've put the
needed line to the .../services file. I find it strange that
my firewall displays that the Firebird server is running on
port 3050... Ichecked it many times, but there's nothing on
3060, and I haven't misprinted the .../services line.

What could be the solution ?

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