Subject RE: [firebird-support] Restore fails - process cannot access the file
Author Raith, Daniel
I normally do use -R, but trying to solve this problem I wanted to
restore my backup to a new database to prove that the error still

I did some more testing and if I restore to my programs database
directory I get the error, however I tried restoring to the root
directory and it worked just fine. I then created a temp directory under
my database directory and tried to restore to the new temp subdirectory
and it reported the error. The database is in the directory and it looks
to be the right size, but it still produces the error: "The process
cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

I talked to the net admin at their site and he already excluded my
database directory from the virus software and their backup software was
not running. They do have tons of programs running on this server as it
is a multi purpose machine (email, database, how knows what else.)


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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Restore fails - process cannot access
the file

Raith, Daniel wrote:
> I have this one customer that has win2k sp4 on the database server. I
> can backup my database, but I can't restore it. > > It restores a
whole bunch of data like 99% of the size and then says, > "The process
cannot access the file because it is being used by another > process."
We are using firebird release. > > I first make a backup of
the database. > > Gbak -B "e:\shared apps\mydir\mydb.fdb" "e:\shared
apps\mydir\mydb.fbk" > -user x -pass y > > Then when I try to restore
to another file > > Gbak -C "e:\shared apps\mydir\mydb.fbk" "e:\shared
apps\mydir\test.fdb" > -user x -pass y > > It produces that error
message. I had their net admin exclude mydir from > their virus
software. E is not a mapped drive. > > Any ideas? > > I'm thinking
of suggesting that they put in another machine with just > firebird any
my database on it. Then we can see if it was some other > software
conflicting with it. >

Maybe there already is a file called "e:\shared apps\mydir\test.fdb".
Use -Replace, not -Create

Aage J.