Subject What files are needed for embedded FB server?
Author delphigurusam
Win XP, Embedded Server 1.5.0 3815, ADO connection using UDL file.

My Delphi/ADO app runs just fine on the developer machine using SS FB
152 4731, a UDL file (NO DSN defined in the MS ODBC Manager)and
aliases.conf. (ODBCJDBC.DLL installed)

I am trying to create a single-user version that will run on a flash
drive, plugged into any PC with MDAC 2.7 or higher installed.

I have copied the EXE, the FB DB, FBClient.dll, the UDL, aliases.conf,
and the ODBCJDBC.DLL FB driver to the flash directory. All path
references in all files are to the APP directory. When I attempt to
run the EXE from the flash drive on a different Win XP machine (with
MDAC 2.7 installed), it reports that the MS ODBC manager cannot find
the data source and no driver is specified.

What am I doing wrong?
Thx in advance.
Sam Hunt