Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: where is ibconsole.exe ?
Author Milan Babuskov
mailmur wrote:
> Here is my short test report, I downloaded FlameRobin and FB2Beta1.
> FlameRobin-unicode looks very promising tool. It _was able render_
> greek and finnish letters in a same text editor. Great.
> But then I was not able to insert any greek letters to database using
> RunQuery tool.

Have you tried to change the editor's encoding? It's done by
right-clicking in the editor window, and selecting the "Set Font"
option. After you select the font, you are prompted for encoding.

> And I discovered we still have a major problem in UTF8 columns. I am
> able to insert four letters to varchar(2) columns. Very very dangerous
> from data integrity point of view. It is a major showstopper most
> users if they care data integrity.

Understood. Thanks for testing. We will review all the things you
mention here, and try to fix it.

> FlameRobin HTML properties pages:
> Do you you IE as a rendering component, I yes then I recommend you use
> UTF8 charset (Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8) as well. No need
> to worry about anything if use it.

We don't use IE, but a custom wxWidgets HTML control. I don't think
adding UTF-8 charset would help, as all strings from database are
converted to Unicode. Perhaps that conversion isn't done right.

> And add <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
> charset=UTF-8" /> line to head part of all html templates to really
> make sure webbrowser play it nice. And final step is to save html
> templates as UTF-8 text files using Notepad (file/save as) to have BOM
> marker bytes at the start of text file.

UTF-8 does not need BOM marker. Only Unicode files need it. BTW, I work
on Linux, so there is no Notepad here ;)

The Unicode support in FlameRobin is still experimental. We plan to
attend to it after 0.5.0 release (which should happen in few days).
Should you have any further questions or issues, feel free to join out
mailing list, as this is going a little bit OT for this group. The list
is really low-traffic:

Milan Babuskov