Subject Re: where is ibconsole.exe ?
Author mailmur
Here is my short test report, I downloaded FlameRobin and FB2Beta1.

FlameRobin-unicode looks very promising tool. It _was able render_
greek and finnish letters in a same text editor. Great.

But then I was not able to insert any greek letters to database using
RunQuery tool.

And I discovered we still have a major problem in UTF8 columns. I am
able to insert four letters to varchar(2) columns. Very very dangerous
from data integrity point of view. It is a major showstopper most
users if they care data integrity.

FlameRobin HTML properties pages:
Do you you IE as a rendering component, I yes then I recommend you use
UTF8 charset (Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8) as well. No need
to worry about anything if use it.

And add <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
charset=UTF-8" /> line to head part of all html templates to really
make sure webbrowser play it nice. And final step is to save html
templates as UTF-8 text files using Notepad (file/save as) to have BOM
marker bytes at the start of text file.

>> I have tried few Java based dbManagers but they lack too much
>> features. But Java and/or dotNet should give a smooth full unicode
>> support from point to point. Maybe native UIs, like IBOConsole,
dont cope with unicode charsets well enough.
> Perhaps you should try FlameRobin? We have just introduced the
Unicode support, and you can tell us if it works properly:
> Make sure you download the unicode version.