Subject Delay in exe of isc_attach_database
Author brcr11
Been running 1.0.3 on W2000 system for about 1 year. Noted a rare
occasional delay, 2-3 seconds, in one of my display threads at startup.
It caused no problem so I just assumed it was something I was doing (
It still might be ). The system is multi threading USN radar trainer.
When the system comes up there are 4-5 quick queries almost
I just tried the system on an XP machine and the problem is VERY
obvious ( maybe it's not me ). I upgraded to Firebird 1.5 and the
problem seems to have gone away. Obviously the solution is to go with
1.5 but I'd be interested to hear from anyone else that has experienced
a similar problem. I admit to being new at using Firebird but don't
think it's my code. I have a number of systems utilizing Firebird 1.0.3
but the trainer is the only one that hits the DB with several queries
in quick succession, although by DB standards it is a VERY low traffic
My code does a ( isc_attach_database - query - isc_detach_database )
surrounded by a Mutex. I've beat it hard under 1.5 and can't get it to
stall. Under 1.0.3 with XP it stalls almost every time.