Subject My Firebird programs freeze on an XP machine - Please help
Author x2412421

I have a strange problem with a new XP machine.

I have 2 software that access a Firebird 1.5 database located on a
Windows 2003 server. I have developped these software using Delphi 7
and using InterXpress for Firebird from Upscene productions.

Everything work well with other pcs (Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP).

I got a new pc some days ago and installed Windows XP (French
version) on it. When I try to run any of ny 2 programs from this ne
XP box, sometime it work well and sometime the program freeze.

If I install and run the firebird server directly on this XP box, it
freeze sometimes also. The only way to get it working each time is
when I use the Embedded version of Firebird 1.5 and the database is
located on the same XP box. So it looks that the problem occurs only
when using a remote connection such as

Note that I have some thread in my programs that access the database
in background. Sometime it looks like the program (the main screen)
is still working but the threads seems to be stopped. I don't receive
any arror message and sometime, it freeze even before the main screen
is displayed.

When I go in the task manager (Processes tab), sometime I can kill
the process without any problem and sometime the process cannot be
killed. In that case, i have to reboot the computer.

Note that each time, I can accesss the database without any problem
since I always get the login prompt (before displaying the main
screen) and the login screen needs to access the database to look for
valid username.

So, any information is welcome here.


G. Plante.