Subject Re: Slow 1st query
Author Adam
--- In, "menjit_singh"
<menjit_singh@y...> wrote:
> hello all,
> i have found another person with the same problem as mine. Please read
> message 29255 by Marcus on 31 Aug 2003. I experince the same problem,
> high disk activity after reboot, slow qeury about (1.5 minutes) for
> small db of about ~50 mb. I have turn of evrything, antivirus, XP
> restore, change file extension and still nothing.
> The biggest puzzle is why after the reboot, the first time i launch my
> app and start the first query, it is so slow?
> after 1.5 minutes of waiting (when 1st qeury done), then things start
> to get really fast. When i restart the app (not the pc) respond is very
> fast. it is slow for the 1st qeury after reboot. it only happen after
> reboot. i used win 2000 pro, win xp home, pro, still the same problem.
> Please help...
> Thanks.
> Menjit.

You still haven't answered the question I asked (apologies if you did
and I missed it, or if I asked someone else with the same problem).

Does this slowness happen when launching iSQL and running the first query?

We could also be on the wrong track, and you may have a DNS issue on
your network, making it take forever to find the host. Add a record to
your hosts file to make sure this is not the case.