Subject Re: Restore problem -- works by hand though
Author Adam
--- In, Steve Wiser <steve@s...> wrote:
> I can make a backup by hand without problem, but for some reason each
> night this week we've been getting this error. Each day this has
> happened I have made a GBK the following morning but the database has
> not been through a full backup/restore cycle in over a week now. It is
> swept automatically twice a day though.
> This error seems to always occur in the same place, and the only real
> difference I can see between when I do it by hand and when the script
> does it is the -y flag, which is just for the logfile...
> Anyone ever seen this error before and know what it means? I can do a
> backup/restore by hand and it will work...
> ***
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: BACKUP/RESTORE ERROR: ins.gdb on linux1
> Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 07:00:01 -0500
> From: root
> To: root
> Date: Fri Dec 23 07:00:01 EST 2005
> Server: linux1
> Database: ins.gdb
> Restore failed:
> gbak: writing exception INVALID_SALESPERSON
> gbak: writing exception INVALID_AGENT_DATES
> gbak: writing Character Sets
> gbak: writing Collations
> gbak: writing index RDB$PRIMARY216
> gbak: writing index RDB$FOREIGN217
> gbak: ERROR: cannot sort on a field that does not exist
> gbak: ERROR: gds_$compile_request failed
> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
> gbak: ERROR: internal gds software consistency check (page in use
during flush (210))
> Restore log missing:

I wouldn't think -y would do anything too exciting except redirect the
output messages, unless you can duplicate the problem using -y, I
would assume this is just coincidental to your problem.

Have you tried a data pump operation into a clean data structure?