Subject Superserver Configuration
Author Edgar Britez

Excuse my English

It would please me to know as it is its experience referring to the
yield of firebird Superserver under Windows 2000 or 2003.

My consultation obeys to that I am having some problems of yield in my

I have some very heavy processes, that when they are executed,
practically other terminals cannot use the system because the calls to
the data base are responded very but very slowly.

It is because firebird this taking care of the process or query heavy
and does not respond to other requests.

I think that it is not hardware problem, I have server IBM with 1 Gb of
ram, processor xeon of 3.2, discs SCSI, etc.....

I already increases cache of database to 400 Mb and I continue having
the same problem.

I have proven to install classic server and I do not have east problem,
improvement very good, but I have fear to use classic server because it
consumes much ram and I did not find the form to limit the use of ram
for each connection of way to anticipate that the server "does not die"
to fill the memory, and also have been able to detect that it does not
release the single memory correctly until the connection concludes.

Including low Windows they do not recommend the use of classic server.
See ((

I am thinking that perhaps there is some problem of configuration,
because I cannot think that thus it is the performance of firebird

I will thank for any contribution Thanks

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