Subject Installing and Running FB 1.5.2 on Solaris 10
Author hi_feroz
Is there a step-by-step guide for installing and running FB 1.5.2 SS
& CS on Solaris 10. I am a windows dude; just can play around with
simple commands with Linux and Solaris boxes.

I have FB 1.5.2 SS on Win2K Server running for 1 yr now. Not many

What I did was following on Solaris 10:
-> I used pkgadd to install Classic Server (as instructions given in
the readme file).
-> used >isql to verify (as instructions given in the readme file)
-> got "Permission Denied"
-> rebooted & tried >isql again. No luck.
-> removed installation by pkgrm
-> rebooted
-> installed Super Server
-> tried few things out. No luck.

I know it is not the problem with FB or Solaris. It is just I don't
know, how to figure out to get it working.

Any help available?

Thankd & regards,