Subject Re: [firebird-support] Db performance
Author Aage Johansen
Alan McDonald wrote:
>>I'm running database with ca 10M records in address book table and up to
>>30 concurrent connections. The server is FB 1.5.2 SuperServer on P4HT
>>machine with 1,5GB RAM.
>>It's extremely slow by now, and consumes almost 50% of CPU (100% of one
>>virtual processor).
>>And TaskManager shows, that it allocates only about 10MB of memory.
>>Should I in this case switch to ClassicServer?
>>What buffers should I increase to force it to use more memory?
>>Marek Konitz
> i'd be looking at my indexes first. check your plans for your queries.
> Have you created indexes on lookup fields? it shopuldn't be slow at all.
> Alan

After indexes you should check page size and number of cache pages - with
page size of 8KB and 8K cache pages you can expect it to use about
64MB. Page size can only be changed with a restore.

Then - if still slow - check HyperThreading (turn it off), and on a
multi-cpu machine check CPU affinity (should be just one processor).

Aage J.