Subject Re: [firebird-support] Comparing Time portion of Date in query
Author Martijn Tonies
> Does anyone know how to compare only the Time portion of a Date
> field? If just run query "Select * from MyTable where Time1 < Time2"
> then will rely on both Date and Time (so if Time1 has date of
> 1/1/2003 and Time2 has date of 1/1/2005 then will think Time1 is
> less than Time2, regardless of the Time portion of date).
> Only way I could think of to do this was to convert the time to a
> string and then compare. Tried the following but both failed:
> 1) Cast to a char - but dont know how to get just Time part.
> The "Cast(Time1, char(20))" will give me something like "01-JAN-2003
> 14:04:06". This would work if could just get last 8 chars. I tried
> to use SubStr, but interbase did not recognize this keyword.

What's wrogn with:

WHERE cast(Time1 as TIME) < cast(Time2 as TIME)


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