Subject Problems with UDF access
Author Pavel Menshchikov

It seems that our planet has some position that doesn't allow to
access UDFs :) I have problems with UDFs too, but not as Paul Hope's
customers do.

I didn't develop using FB a number of monthes. Now on a new notebook I
have WinXP Pro SP2, FB 1.5.2 (SS running as a service, and embedded,
both with default firebird.conf). I have an SQL script that runs in my
Delphi program via FIBScript (which uses FIB+ components) and creates
a database. The error occures in a stored procedure that refer to a
UDF (declared above in the same script) - FB says
Invalid token.
invalid request BLR at offset 2606.
function ACMIN is not defined.
module name or entrypoint could not be found.
All items up to this stored procedure are created successfully
(including UDFs).

I checked that UDF library is in place (for both SS and embedded).

Then I opened the database, that'd been created on an old computer and
worked fine (created from the same script), in IBExpert. And I tried
to perform simple select
select acMin(1,2) from rdb$database;
It returns me the same error, except BLR offset is 59, not 2606
(that's understandable).

Do you see any conditions that I can't see, and that make UDF calls
fail? Any thoughts?


Best regards,
Pavel Menshchikov