Subject Re: [firebird-support] timeout a pending connection via a bad network?
Author John vd Waeter
Hi Helen, Adam,

> Well, since you first posted this in a Delphi list, I assume you're
> developing in Delphi.


> It's your application's responsibility to verify that the network
> connection is available. This isn't a Delphi list, so we're off-topic here
> (but it's Saturday, and I'm the witich!)

Yes, but it was Jason on the IBO-list that told me this is not an
IBO-issue but an issue of the clientlibrary... Therefore I thought this
might be the correct maillist... correct me if I'm wrong...

But is it really the applications responsibility? The app uses the lib
and it's the lib that is connecting sockets and its the sockets that hit
the wire etc... Somewhere in this chain I think there should be a
possibility to monitor the quality of the connection and to ring a bell
when quality drops below a certain level.

The sockets see no trouble, as they don't timeout as long as single
packets arrive within their time-out period. And the application relies
on the lib.

I don't think its good programming bypassing the lib to the sockets,
sending pings and monitor their responsetime. I was hoping somewhere in
the lib this would be possible, and assuming it would, that was the
reason I first addressed the IBO-list, as the IB-connection talks to the

But ok, if this is not the case, I'll use the ping-monitor...

Thanks for your time, have a nice saturday! :-)