Subject Provide filename for backup with service manager
Author Josef Gschwendtner

for backups with service manager, I need a fully qualified filename on
the server computer (C:\mydir\mybackup.fbk) for the new backup file and
it's not trival to get it because at customer site we normally don't
know anything about the servers directory structure (at least if I
connect via an alias).

On the other hand, if I provide just a simple filename as identifier for
my backup file (e.g. "mybackup.fbk") this file is created (at least in
our case) within the "windows\system32" directory. This is a bad choice,
isn't it?

Now my "feature request":
The situation would be greatly improved if the backupfile would be
created next to the database in cases, where nothing else has been

What do you thing about this? Do we miss something? Do you have better

Josef Gschwendtner