Subject Problem with gbak
Author Fabio Gomes
Hi, i wrote a little python script to backup my databases and everything was
working fine with 2 databases that i have, they are just 1MB each, today my
boss asked me to add another database (wich is used by the delphi people
here) in my script, this database is larger than mine so i thin its the
problem.. i run this script using a cron job, so i need to get rid of this
problem, take a look:

Done with volume #1, "/tmp/161220053.gbk"
Press return to reopen that file, or type a new
name followed by return to open a different file.

I cleaned the /tmp dir but the script dont create any other volumes or
something like it.. i got stuck with this.. i dont have another file and
return dont do anything :(

whats the problem? here is what i m running:

comando3 = '/opt/firebird/bin/gbak -B -user %s -password %s %s %s' %
(usuario, senha, arq3, tmp + hoje + '3.gbk')

verifica3 = '/opt/firebird/bin/gbak -C -R -user %s -password %s %s %s' %
(usuario, senha, tmp + hoje + '3.gbk', tmp + hoje + '3.fdb')

So in the terminal would be something like it:

/opt/firebird/bin/gbak -B -user SYSDBA -password masterkey
/opt/firebird/siad/siad.gdb /tmp/161220053.gbk
/opt/firebird/bin/gbak -C -R -user SYSDBA -password masterkey
/tmp/161220053.gbk /tmp/161220053.fdb

thanx for any help :)

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