Subject Getting ID from generator
Author Maurice Ling

In my database, I am using a generator to generate a unique ID for one
of my tables and I need to get this ID for input into other tables, is
there a way to do it? That is, getting the last generated ID.

A sample of my DDL is here,

create table microarray_main(
microarrayid numeric (5,0) not null primary key,
description varchar(1024) not null,
submitter char(50) default 'system' not null);

create generator microarray_id_gen;
set generator microarray_id_gen to 10000;

set term !! ; ;
create trigger create_microarray_id for microarray_main
before insert position 0
as begin
new.microarrayid = gen_id(microarray_id_gen, 1);
end !!
set term ; !! !!

When I do an insert into microarray_main table, I need to get the
generated ID (microarrayid) for subsequent work, is there any simple way
to do that?


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