Subject Firebird BLOBs & PHP?
I need to find a solution to a problem. I have a number of MP3 audio files
(for a radio show client of ours) that I would like to make available for
download via an Apache 1.x web server running PHP4. I have Firebird 1.5 on
that server and here's what I would like to do...

The audio files will be available for people to download who are subscribers
to the service that this radio station is offering. I can put the MP3 files
into Firebird BLOBs without any problem.

But I am unsure on how to serve these as streams to web users. I believe
that there needs to be a MIME format set for this, but was hoping that
someone has already been down this path and may have some sample code or
could point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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