Subject Connection problems with FB 1.5.2 SS on SMP.
Author m_theologos

We have a win2003 with 4 x Opteron CPU and a Firebird 1.5.2 SS on it.
Often, the clients cannot connect on \\SERVER1\Files\MyFDB.FDB because
(we presume) a file named PIPE\interbas\server\gds_db remains open
from yesterday session. What's odd is that sometimes some clients can
connect, others don't.

In this situation we cannot stop the fbserver service from the
'services' window.

Then we press Ctrl+Alt+Del and kill the fbguard and fbserver. Then
start the fbserver service and everything is ok.
This happens in the morning, when the first user tries to log in.

Can you help us? (we can provide any other info on request)

TIA for help,

m. Th.