Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running NBackup
Author Ivan Prenosil
>> Since the new backup utility NBackup.exe needs direct access to
> database
>> file,
>> and thus must be run on the server, what tool would you recommend
>> to run it remotely from client PC (Windows) ?
>> (Either separate program, but preferably accessible from Delphi
>> application)
> What are you looking to do?
> The original idea behind NBackup did not expect that remote access would
> be required.
> NBackup was designed to perform backup at hardware speeds, as such
> running it remotely wasn't viewed as necessary.

I do not want to run NBackup on client. I do want to run it on server,
but how can I easily/safely invoke it from client PC/client application ?
(Definitely not by connecting to remote desktop.)