Subject RE: [firebird-support] Running NBackup
Author Leyne, Sean

> Sorry for slightly off-topic question.

Not off-topic to me.

> Since the new backup utility NBackup.exe needs direct access to
> file,
> and thus must be run on the server, what tool would you recommend
> to run it remotely from client PC (Windows) ?
> (Either separate program, but preferably accessible from Delphi
> application)

What are you looking to do?

The original idea behind NBackup did not expect that remote access would
be required.

NBackup was designed to perform backup at hardware speeds, as such
running it remotely wasn't viewed as necessary. In most cases, clients
would invoke NBackup via scheduled task/cron job or via simple batch
file around their tape backup jobs.

Further, NBackup support was not added to the Services API for a number
of reasons. Primary was that the whole Services API is due to be
revisited and we did want to 'waste' our time.