Subject I/O errors while restoring *.fbk files
Author lucasdelul
I'v developed a delphi application that automatically backups copies
and restores firebird databases for a particular application.

Every now and then (1 out of 50 backup/restore sequences) I see error
messages in the logs this application creates about an I/O failure
when the backup database is restored.

On linux this would be: I/O error for file "/tmp/0"
and on windows: I/O error for file "C:\Windows\System32\0"

Any idea where this error comes from and what can be done to get rid
of it.

I use LI-V1.5.1.4481 on the linux box and WI-V1.5.2.4731 on Windows XP

Please note that I do NOT use GBAK and the error occurs on different
databases. To be sure the problem is introduced by the backup process
I have tested with and without clients attached to the databases with
identical results.