Subject Re: Firebird features info request.
Author Adam
>>Every time I see this request, I think how FB server can find out
>>that file I've just copied to server is a database and it has
>>sheduled SP execution inside.

Why doesn't it just make a copy of any gdb file like any other "good"
program ;)

Of course there are a number of ways you could get around this. Only
provide it to databases existing in the aliases.conf is a simple way,
or create a scheduler.conf with a list of aliases or paths.

There are two things of note though.

1. It can not be part of the Firebird Engine itself, but there may be
room for a "sister service" that acts as a scheduler. There could be
even a command in Firebird that calls the scheduler and "registers"
the database.

2. Cross platform is highly desirable. It is annoying to have to play
around with cron and windows scheduler when migrating server, much
easier to copy a file or two.

But for Marcello, it is not really a big deal, there are two issues
you need to address.

1. Which of these "timed events" should really be actions placed
inside a trigger? In my experience, a number of these timed events are
in place because the original database did not have triggers, or
triggers were not considered.

2. There are some things that should get done on a timed basis. We
have created a table in our product called CRON. This table contains a
SPName field. We have a service that connects to each of the databases
in a conf file, and if that table exists, the particular SPs are
queried. The table also contains information about the frequency it is
to be run, and the last run information. The service then executes
each of those SPs.


--- In, "Dimitry Sibiryakov"
<SD@t...> wrote:
> On 7 Dec 2005 at 11:50, Marcelo wrote:
> >I see your point. There should be a registration process (like UDFs)
> >informing the .gdb,usr,pwd and sp name. Anyway may be there was an
> >independent application (service) already made to do this. There
> >should not be restricted to IB, but to any ODBC/ADO Source. There
> >should be named "SP Scheduler" ;).
> So, your points are:
> 1) There must be an external service
> 2) DBA must do something after copying DB to server.
> But hey! It is exactly current situation! There is a scheduler
> supplied with OS (cron or at) and DBA must set up job to run isql to
> execute SP.
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> SY, Dimitry Sibiryakov.