Subject Firebird features info request.
Author Marcelo
Hi all!

I've been working on a simple Workflow app for some time and I want
to enhance it so as to add more features usually found in
professional workflow systems.

I've been looking for some functionalities:

* An ability to store blobs on the disk file-system parallel to
store them in the db. This is to allow users to access the docs
stored without using the dbengine in case of system-panic. I
couldn't fine any blob-to-file udf. Anyone knows any?

* An ability to send e-mail to alert users of any incoming new task
or delayed task. Today, I found the FireUDFLib at sourceforge and I
would try it.

* An ability to run a stored procedure an o timely basis. So as to
act as the pulse of the "Workflow engine". This stored procedure
would be responsible of sending alerts to users or fire any
automated activity. Should I use an external app to execute this

This is what I need for now. If you are interested in sharing what I
did up to now, just let me know.
Greetings, Marcelo (Argentina).