Subject User managment in Classic
Author ainpoissee

Does FB 1.5 Classic support user managment via service API? I'm using
UIB component set's TJvUIBSecurity component and an user sent me this
error message:

Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your database
administrator to set up a Firebird login.
Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes
successful execution of subsequent statements
Error Code: 152.

Exception class: EUIBError
Exception address: 004A062C
[004A0627] jvuiblib.RaiseException (Line 968, "jvuiblib.pas" + 9) +
[004A07DB] jvuiblib.TUIBLibrary.CheckUIBApiCall (Line 997,
"jvuiblib.pas" + 27) + $4
[004A1A96] jvuiblib.TUIBLibrary.ServiceAttach (Line 2031,
"jvuiblib.pas" + 5) + $35
[004B2288] jvuib.TJvUIBService.BeginService (Line 3419, "jvuib.pas" +
7) + $1D
[004B2D8C] jvuib.TJvUIBSecurity.RunAction (Line 3790, "jvuib.pas" +
26) + $3
[004B295E] jvuib.TJvUIBSecurity.AddUser (Line 3638, "jvuib.pas" + 0)

The user tring to add new user is SYSDBA so the error msg must be
wrong... but I know that they are using CS while I develop on SS.
Any idea whats wrong?