Subject Re: Mislocated firebird.msg after Backup/Restore
Author lysander_fb
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> What's likely here is that IBExpert has a hard-coded path that it
> somehow (perhaps in the Registry or in an ini file) when it
discovers that
> firebird.msg and firebird.log are not where they should be. I can't
> the logic, though. Ask Holger on firebird-tools....

I will do, thanks again.
Right now I have such an idea that IBExpert could be storing info
about the path-to-the-msgfile into the user's Active-Directory account
("documents and settings"); that way it could be transported from
notebook to client-pc.

> Did you move the
> root directory from the original installation path without running
> instreg.exe? Or installed Firebird from the .zip kit without
running instreg?

NO! Such I would never do *shiver*.

> Also, I suppose you know that having the matching versions of client
> library, message file and server is the only way to guarantee correct
> message decoding....?

YES! I am using firebird for production purposes already and therefore
I am sticking to 1.5.2 4731 for all components.

Only difference is that I have one Classic installed on our main (and
Firebird-only!) server and several Superservers on other machines for
testing and demonstrating.