Subject Mislocated firebird.msg after Backup/Restore
Author lysander_fb

I did a backup of database_3 from notebook_A(Superserver/Local) into a
transportable file.
Then I restored this file into database_8 on server_B (ClassicServer)
from a remote client using IBExpert.

Hence - with every error - I get a message "can't format message
nn:nnn -- message file C:\Temp\fb\firebird.msg not found.".

But I never had this .msg file on this client before, and never
received this error before. I even do not have this foldername on my

BUT (!!!) I do have the folder and the firebird.msg on the notebook,
from where I made a backup.
No real danger over here, I just copied the .msg-file into such a
folder as was demanded by fbclient/IBExpert... but I just suppose that
I was doing something wrong, OR that there is any bug in

Can somebody please share an idea of what was possibly going wrong here?