Subject Re: Out of date documentation (somewhat OT)
Author Adam
> So - do we take it that you are offering to update the QSG?

If that would be of help, I have a certain amount of restricted time
allocated to assist the Firebird community and a significant amount
of my personal unpaid time. My technical writing skills are, um !=
yours, actually significantly < yours.

> Contrary to
> popular belief, there is no legion of elves up at the North Pole
> frantically working 24/7 to keep up with demand for documentation.

I understand this and I do not think my comment is unreasonable. I am
not complaining that I need to go to the IB6 docs occasionally, or
that the online documentation is sparse. There is good documentation
in your book, and the release notes combined with the IB6 guides are
about 90% of what anyone would need.

I do not expect it to be fixed by tomorrow, I just found quite by
accident a reference that may confuse newcomers and I was not sure
where to post it (hence the OT marking)