Subject Re: Firebird 1.5.2 SuperServer on Win32 SMP systems
Author mikkatgo2pl
--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
<iblist@t...> wrote:
> Use Classic Server if you with to bennefit form more than 1 CPU, SS on
> windows are not good using multiple CPU's. This is addressed on Vulcan,
> but for 1.5.2 stay with CS.

Thank you for your reply, Alexandre.

As I read the docs, the Classic Server is more resource-consuming
(allocates few MB per client connection in new process for each
connection) than SuperServer, and from my calculations there is better
to have SuperServer when the average connection count is about 100.
But as I wrote in the original post - performance is crucial and I'm
trying to achieve high performance with low memory cost. Why do you
say that the SuperSever is not good on multiple CPUs?