Subject Firebird 1.5.2 SuperServer on Win32 SMP systems
Author mikkatgo2pl

I'm really confused when I read the Firebird documentation and release
notes. Some docs say the SuperServer Win32 architecture runs on
multi-processor machines, and others say it is not recommended.
Maybe it is the matter of the server version/release?

My goal is to run Firebird 1.5.2 SuperServer on dual Xeon (HT) system
(Windows 2003 Server). So, the OS can see this machine as running on
2, or 4 processors (depends if HyperThreading is on or off). As I read
in documentation, I have to modify the CPU_AFFINITY_MASK (from its
default value of 0).

This way I want to make the server more responsive when it is busy
with some long-running, CPU-eating job, and receives another, smaller
job, which can be done quickly (on other processor unit).

My question is:
Is it allowed, safe, tested and recommended to run Firebird 1.5.2
SuperServer on Windows 2003 (dual Xeon machine) with CPU_AFFINITY_MASK
set to "11" (or "1111" with HT) for production-environment database