Subject Re: Mislocated firebird.msg after Backup/Restore
Author lysander_fb
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

Thanks for your answer, Helen, but there must still be something
amiss. And I have such an impression that it is connected with
IBExpert, rather than with Firebird itself.

Sorry, but only now did I have the idea of trying to reproduce the
same error with other software; and.... no error-message... happens
only with IBExpert, although I don't understand how that could be.

> The underlying reason for it is that the Firebird server on
> server_B was improperly installed. The file firebird.msg *should*
be in
> c:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5 (if this is your Firebird root
> directory).

My root directory on/for the classic server is: c:\system\firebird
and the "firebird.msg" _is_ there.
And it always was there, and before restoring this very backup, I
never had this error-message.
And if I do copy exactly this "firebird.msg" into a local folder
"c:\temp\fb" which never existed before, then the error-message does
not occur.
Now, in the same folder, suddenly also appears the firebird.log-file

> if the message file is missing from
> the server (as is the case here) then the client will search a
variety of
> paths to try to find one that it can use.

Interesting and logical, I will add this info to the addendum for your

> That location in C:\temp is a
> "resort denier" - ultimately it just tells you it can't format the
> message. End of story.

The location where the API finally tries to search for the .msg is
c:\temp\fb, and _that_ directory never existed on the client, but only
on the notebook from where I received the backup.

> There is no
> logical reason why the installer program would not install
everything in
> the proper place...

No, and I am very satisfied with everything around firebird, including
the installation procedures. I will ask the producer of IBExpert.

Thanks for your time!