Subject FB Embedded - Create Database - Dialect 1 / 3 Problem - Bug? or Developer Error :)
Author Jeff Moll

I'm new to Firebird and I'm trying to create a database under Windows XP
using the embedded library
(downloaded yesterday).

When I create the Database, it's set to Dialect 1. The book I have by Helen
Borrie says that the
default for a new Firebird DB is Dialect 3, which is what I need. Am I doing
something wrong?

fbclient.dll version

My code is virtually the same as the sample api1.c

*** code snip ***

CString csStr;
csPath += "mydata.fdb";
if (isc_dsql_execute_immediate(m_status, &newdb, &trans, 0,
(char*)(LPCTSTR)csStr, 1,NULL))
/* Extract SQLCODE from the m_status vector. */
m_sqlcode = isc_sqlcode(m_status);
/* Print a descriptive message based on the SQLCODE. */
if (m_sqlcode == -902)

/* In addition, print a standard error message. */
//if (pr_error(m_status, "create database"))
return FALSE;
isc_commit_transaction(m_status, &trans);
isc_detach_database(m_status, &newdb);

*** end snip ***

When I check the DB using MiTeC IB Query, it shows the DB as set to Dialect
And this is confirmed since I can't add a table with a BIGINT column.

How do I get dialect 3?

Thanks for your help!