Subject Re: Relative paths with multifile database
Author cedric_maucourt
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> > > Cedric,
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> > > How are you intending on accessing a database that spans multiple
> > > DVDs? Since you use "DVD device", I assume you mean there is
only one
> > > DVD drive. What if Firebird "needs" something located on a DVD not
> > > inside the drive?
> > >
> >
> > My main goal is : to burn a firebird database which size is nearly 3GB
> > on one DVD. The problem is that, due to the ISO standard, I cannot
> > burn a more than 2GB file. If I want to do this, I have to use UDF
> > standard, but then when I try to access to the database on the DVD,
> > the engine tell me it's not a valid database file. That's why I tried
> > to split the database in three parts, in order to be able to burn them
> > on the same DVD with ISO standard.
> > So the three parts have to be on the same DVD but since the letter of
> > the DVD device can change from a computer to another, I cannot use
> > hard file paths.
> >
> > Cédric
> >
> for this read-only environment, I assume you have done a few
> cycles with different page sizes to further optimise the file size?
> Alan

Yes I did. I created the database with the max page size available
(8KB, we've got some big blobs inside), then inserted data, then
backed it up and finally restored it with the option "use_all_space"
(and mode read_only of course).
Rather than splitting the database file, I'm gonna check this problem
of file size limit and all this stuff of ISO/UDF standards... Maybe I
did something wrong when I tried to burn the database file.